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Open Source


Powered by ARM

RISCOS is open source since october 2018. RISCOS is a 32 bit operating system specially designed for ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) processor.

Most parts of the source code are written in ARM assembler and is available on GIT.


RISC OS Crowdfunding

The software that is developped or ported from other open source projects by the Cloverleaf project will be released as open source after the successful financing by the crowdfunding.



Instant messenger for RISC OS

We have already developped an instant messenger !ChatCube for RISCOS that is available for dowload here and in the RISC OS !Store (or !PlingStore). It includes already a client of the famous Telegram messenger. When we receive sufficient funds we will add more open source messenger clients like Signal, Wire, Riot, Xabber, Kontalk, Linphone and Silence . Also it will be possible to integrate messengers that provide an API (application program interface) like Twitter.

Download here. Or install from the !Pling Store.


Graphics image processing software for RISCOS

The open source graphics editing software GIMP is the next in line that we plan to port. GIMP is a well known program on Linux and Windows.

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The RISCOS Cloverleaf Project

RISCOS Cloverleaf is a crowdfunding campaign to create/revive the unique computer operating system RISCOS.

The main motivation for this campaign is that we believe that we need more choices for computer operating systems. In daily life, we have now only 3 choices what operating system we can use on our computers or smartphones. That is not sufficient as this makes us depend on 3 companies (Microsoft, Apple and Google) on this planet.

That is why we want to promote and develop RISCOS to be available for public use again.

RISCOS is an operating system with a graphical user interface and was first released in 1989 to be used for computer systems built by Acorn Computers (Cambridge, UK). RISCOS is designed to run on Acorn’s invention the ARM processors. These ARM processors have the unique feature of being very power efficient and that is the reason why they can be found in 90% of all mobile phones. They can be found in all iPhones, Samsung and Huawei phones. So RISCOS can be used to built low energy consuming computer systems (10 to 20 Watt per hour) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

But RISCOS has also other qualities that are outstanding. It is modular based and saves resources as it doesn‘t use up GBytes on your hard disc. It can be used for years without reinstallation of the operating system as installing new programs doesn‘t mess up your computer. RISCOS doesn‘t force you to upgrade your computer hardware every 4 years or to upgrade your software to new versions as there are no operating system upgrades that will make your current software stop working.

Why do we need your support?
RISCOS was built when the internet was just at the beginning of its success story. So many software technologies have not been included in RISCOS regarding the internet and need to be upgraded or implemented. The same applies to hardware drivers like USB3, WIFI and NVMe drives.

Progress has been made thanks to other supporters of RISCOS but there is still a lot to do. To speed up these upgrades and implementations we need your support to give you another choice of computer / mobile operating system.
During the crowdfunding you can support us with a tip or you purchase a whole computer system including RISCOS.

Currently, we are setting up the crowdfunding so please follow us here or subscribe to our newsletter on our website to stay in touch.

RISCOS runs only on ARM processors. So if you want to switch to RISCOS you have to buy ARM based computers that we offer also as part of our project.