RISC OS PhotoDesk image editing

PhotoDesk - Image editing

PHOTODESK is the leading bitmap editing package for computers running RISC OS, it has been favourably compared with industry standard graphic tools. True studio quality is available with enhanced quality tools and effects with extensive calibration, accuracy and previewing giving much improved productivity for the professional user.

RISC OS Artworks

Artworks - Vector graphics

ArtWorks 2 builds on the strength of an unrivalled and mature feature set resulting from more than twenty years of development by MW Software, incorporating many suggestions by home and professional users and making it the ideal tool for the creation of graphics for the Web, home printing and (semi-)professional printing. ArtWorks 2 can import multi-page PDF files with advanced features like graduated fills, transparency, clipping and CMYK colours, so designs created on other platforms are only a mouse click away from being edited in ArtWorks. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities for getting existing designs into ArtWorks for further editing. And thanks to its direct PDF export capabilities ArtWorks 2 is the only RISC OS program that can create PDF files with full CMYK colour support, high-quality masked sprites of any colour depth and advanced graphical effects such as graduated fills and transparency.