For people who are looking for alternative computer operating systems
Are you upset about your computer system or your mobile phone? It is slow, buggy or you feel to be exploited by the manufacturer as they know that you have no other choices?
Your operating system is reporting that it cannot update to the new version as not enough disc space? You cannot install new programs anymore because they are not working with your older operating system version? Do you need to reinstall the operating system every year from scratch as it is littered by programs and wasting your time for 2 days to set it up again as you need it?
Your computer is rebooting without your permission? Your old software doesn‘t work anymore with the new version of your operating system? You must buy yourself a new printer for no other reason than that the old printer drivers cannot be installed on your new operating system version?
Your system is getting slower each time there is a new version of your operating system?
Why is that? The answer is clear:  The supplier of your operating system wants that you to spend more money on new hardware and software or services. That is the way they make billions of Euros, Dollars, Pounds or Pesos every year.

Are there other options for you?
Our operating system RISC OS runs programs that have been programmed 30 years ago. For the RISC OS community the RISC OS users come first and then the short term profits of the suppliers.
If you buy now new RISC OS hardware then you can be sure it will work also in 10 years as good as now.

For explorers
You like adventures and want to have new experiences? You want to explore other solutions and ways? Then RISC OS might be your choice for a computer adventure.
The handling of the graphics user interface (GUI) is in many ways different from common operating systems. The multitasking is cooperative and therefore faster for the active application,
Programs use a minimal space in memory as the origin of the operating system was based on 1 MB of RAM and not several GBytes like today.
Therefore no virtual slow memory is used that makes programs much slower. So you should try it out and explore RISC OS and experience it‘s benefits.

For Anti-Monopolists
You don‘t want to live in a world where all is controlled by one, two or three global operating companies?
You want to live in a world where you have have multiple or endless choices?
You want to decide by yourself what you are doing; what service you use; what product you use; what option you have in life?
You might not have too much time left to turn the tide. Already now most people use only services from one company.
You are searching in internet for a product or serivce. You are guided to a location. You are using your mobile phone. You are paying for goods. All this is done by the same company.
To change that is part of the idea of our crowdfunding. When you buy a computer nowadays you have 2 or maximum 3 choices when it comes to the operating system. When you buy a mobile phone you have just 2 choices.
We can give you one more choice for an operating system which increases the option by 33% to 50% what you have now. One more choice to be less dependant from current monopolists.

For environmentalist
If you believe that we need to protect our world from pollution that poisons the environment that we are living in then RISC OS  is your favorite choice. RISC OS is based by the most energy-saving processor available the ARM chip.
ARM technology is the choice of 95% of all mobile phone manufactures because of this feature. Our Cloverleaf RISC OS computer will consume only about 15W power compared to 80W to 300W of your current desktop computer.

For supporters of underdogs
You always support the team that might loose against the favorite in a match or David against the giant Golliat. Well that is the game we are in. Our competition is Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung and soem others.
RISC OS currently represents 10.000 against 6 billion computer or mobile phone users .
You want to join the team and make RISC OS more public and well known?

For existing RISC OS users
Even if you don‘t want to buy new hardware right now you will benefit from our project.
We will fill many empty spaces of software that are still  missing in the RISC OS world.
The first piece of software that we already have released with our chat program !ChatCube that enables RISC OS users to chat with each other.
!ChatCube will open a door to many other messengers like Telegram, IRC, Jabber, Twitter and many other open source instant messengers.
The Telegram client is already implemented and others will follow when our crowdfunding campaign is successfully funded.
Other software will follow like a Image processing app based on the famous GIMP.
Also the we will organise the implementation of missing devices like Bluetooth, USB, Sound sampling to provide a complete operation system for the future RISC OS users.

The more people that support our funding the benefits will be exponential to the RISC OS community.
The more popular RISC OS becomes the more people also will program new software for it.
Maybe one day RISC OS will be so polular that we can afford to license our own ARM processors and design them for RISC OS like Apple, Samsung, NVIDIA and Huawei are doing.

And the next time you want to buy a new RISC OS machine we will have it ready for you.