The alternative computer operating system

If you are fed up with your current computer system then have a look at RISC OS. We want to give you more choices for your IT system.

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Our mission

RISCOS Cloverleaf is a crowdfunding campaign to upgrade/revive the unique computer operating system RISC OS and create a new brand that is based on RISC OS .
The main motivation for this campaign is that we believe that we need more choices for computer operating systems. In daily life, we have now only 3 choices what operating system we can use on our computers or smartphones. That is not sufficient as this makes us depend on only three companies (Microsoft, Apple and Google) on this planet.
That is why we want to promote and develop RISC OS to be available for public use again.
RISC OS is an operating system with a graphical user interface and was first released in 1989 to be used for computer systems built by Acorn Computers (Cambridge, UK). RISC OS is designed to run on Acorn’s invention the ARM processors. These ARM processors have the unique feature of being very power efficient and that is the reason why they can be found in 90% of all mobile phones. They can be found in all iPhones, Samsung and Huawei phones. So RISC OS can be used to built low energy consuming computer systems (5 to 15 Watt) to reduce your CO2 footprint.
But RISC OS has also other qualities that are outstanding. It is modular based and saves resources as it doesn‘t use up GBytes on your hard disc. It can be used for years without reinstallation of the operating system as installing new programs doesn‘t mess up your computer. RISC OS doesn‘t force you to upgrade your computer hardware every 4 years or to upgrade your software to new versions as there are no operating system upgrades that will make your current software stop working.
Why do we need your support?
RISC OS was built when the internet was just at the beginning of its success story. So many software technologies have not been included in RISC OS regarding the internet and need to be upgraded or implemented. The same applies to hardware drivers like USB3, WIFI and NVMe drives.
Progress has been made thanks to other supporters of RISC OS but there is still a lot to do. To speed up these upgrades and implementations we need your support to give you another choice of computer / mobile operating system.
You can support us with a tip or you purchase a whole computer system including RISC OS.
Currently, we are setting up the crowdfunding and working on product offers so please subscribe to our newsletter on our website www.RISCOSCloverleaf.com follow us here on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay in touch.

The History of RISCOS


RISC OS was the original operating system for ARM CPU’s. RISC OS was designed 30 years ago by the british company Acorn Computer Ltd. to run on their own processor ARM. Since then many things have changed in the computer world. Thanks to the ARM processor’s low energy technology every one of us has a mobile phone in our pockets. Everyone connects wireless to the internet. The tiny graphics processor unit (GPU) included in the SoC (System on a Chip) can produce stunning 3D graphics in real-time. Videos can be played with amazing details in high 4K resolutions. All this was science fiction 30 years ago. But all this is used every day by us as a normal feature of life.
RISC OS must be upgraded to include all the features that have been invented and created in the last 30 years. For this purpose, we create this project RISC OS Cloverleaf. So that all people on this planet can enjoy again the benefits of this unique operating system.


RISCOS is simple and straight forward as it's resources have been limited. It uses the outmost efficiency of the ARM processor to give the maximum benefit for the user.

User friendly

RISCOS was one of the first operating system with a graphics user interface (GUI). It is designed to give you a convenient way to use a computer for your daily tasks. It has unique features like the main menu at a mouseclick.


The RISCOS is carefully organized into modules that manage one part of the operating systems functions. Each program use this resources and don't mess up the operating system with any new program installed. RISCOS you can use for years withour any need to reinstall or upgrade it.

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2,224 supporters have joined already!