During the Cloverleaf RISC OS project we will produce several software to support RISC OS. The first piece of software will be the instant messenger ChatCube to connect RISC OS users. But ChatCube will function also as client for other open source Messenger like Telegram or for messengers that provide an API to integrate from other plattforms.


Functions implemented in Version 1.01

  • 1-to-1 Chat
  • Public RISCOS Support group chat
  • Group chat implemented
  • Send images and files
  • Profile image or avatar
  • Screenshot function with different options
  • Stickers
  • Taskbar notification about new messages
  • Telegram messenger client integrated
  • Delete and unsend message
  • Save file
  • Reconnecting when internet connection lost

Known bugs

  • Automatic memory resizing not implemented

Future extentions

  • Sound notifications
  • Location function that displays users nearby
  • Integrate Jabber messenger
  • Integrate Facebook messenger
  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • Android app of ChatCube
  • iPhone app of ChatCube

Credits to for helping with testing and programming advice

  • Raik Fischer
  • Anton Reiser
  • Micheal Grundlitz
  • David Feugey
  • Rob Heaton
  • David Higton

Version updates


Reconnection when internet connection is lost

Bug fixed for new registration


Handling for uploading profile photo or avatar reorganised

Bug fixed about displaying new message notification


Discovered WIMP polls bug of TBX library

Added editing of Telegram profile


Implemented “unsend” and “delete” message


Integrated TELEGRAM messenger client

Improved screenshot options with drag a rectangle to limit screesnhot to part of the display

New window redraw library on base of TBX library that is faster and use less memory


Added task bar notification of unread messages in chats

improved edit pages for profile

reduced Wimpslot to 28 MB so it runs on RPCEmu


Fixed problems with downloads

loading if chat history optimized
faster switching to other chats

remove background for stickers in the chat
fix segfault crash on sending messages
show hourglass at initial data loading

fix filenames when sending files
show big profile photo when click to avatar
fix bug with saving files

add icons for some popular file types
allow download attachments of all types
fix resize chat list bug on maximizing window
save login info to !Boot.Choices folder

add stickers
remove phone field from reset password form
fix segfault crash on opening attached images

fix displaying unread messages count
change cursor on hover clickable objects
show date in messages history
add possibility to receive and show broadcast alerts from server
minor bug fixes

fix displaying of groupchats
fixes for chatlist displaying when new messages received
window layout was changed
add mouse scroll support

small improvements and bug fixes

Add UTF-8 support.
Handle network connection problems.
Edit profile feature.

Add possibility to change the profile picture or select from predefined avatars