PUMA Desktop PC


PUMA RISC OS desktop PC, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB EMMC, 64 GB SD card with Cloverleaf RISC OS Plus distribution


Delivery expected about May 2022

  • High-End RISCOS system
  • Based on Rockchip RK3399
  • Hexacore ARM processor
  • 2 x A72, 2 Ghz
    4 x A53, 1.8 GHz
    Mali-T860, MP4, 650 MHz
  • 4 GB DDRam 4
  • 64 GB EMMC (fixed)
  • 64 GB SDRAM card
  • NVMe drive connector (NVMe driver will be available in 2024)
  • Power supply. 3A

Includes our Cloverleaf RISC OS distro Plus

The Cloverleaf RISC OS distro includes a comprehensive list of programs from word processing, spreadsheet, organiser, games, emulators and programming languages (BBC BASIC, C++ (GCC), Python, Lua) . Our distro will include always the newest modules and extension to give the user the best or most progressive version of RISC OS. Easy handling and best performance is our goal.

The following commercial programs are included in the distro Plus:

  • !Fireworkz Pro (Text & Spreadsheet)
  • !CLFiler (New modern Filer for RISC OS)
    !SafeStore (Backup program)
    !SparkFS (Compression program for ZIP, Arc etc.)
    !CloverTool and Cloverleaf icons, themes, MDFs and !Boot components
    !DataPower Home (Database)
    !PDFMaker (aka LPRdriver / Network Printer Drivers)
    !Messenger Pro (Email client for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.)
    !Doom (Classic 3D Shooter)

The case design is still in evaluation and might change slightly.

The Colors for the computer case planned are: (see photos in product gallery)

  • Wood + green acrylic
  • Black + blue acrylic
  • Black + red acrylic
  • Pink + white acrylic

The standard case doesn’t include a DVD drive bay. The connection for the DVD/Bluray drive is done by an external USB connector.

For NVMe drives we still need to write a driver. So at this pint we cannot predict how many month from now that is available.

A 3D GPU driver is in development as open source project from Simon Wilson.

Info: 3D Mesa GPU driver for Rockchip RK3399

Info: 3D Mesa RISC OS driver software

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm